About American Water Technologies

American Water Technologies has been a part of the Billings, MT community for over 75 years.

In 1941 Jack Nicholson started a Culligan dealership. The original building was located at 1226 1/2 N. 27th Street, Billings, MT.

Jack ran the company for 38 years until Mike Eastwood purchased the company in 1979.

Mike decided to retire at the end of 2014 and as such, sold the company to the next generation as his son Tim took over the business.

Our New Location

water bottling stationBy 1993, we outgrew the original building. We moved to our current location at 134 Regal Street, Billings MT 59101.  The added space allowed us to build our own bottling plant.

Our bottled water delivery service has continued to grow. Chances are, you have already enjoyed a glass of our water at a local business.


Same Company, New Name

In 2006, we parted ways with Culligan. The company was renamed American Water Technologies. We were now free to pick the products and components that we felt would work best for our customers.

We partnered with Hellenbrand of Waunakee, WI. They’re a great company with excellent products and support.

Being american made was a huge part of our decision in choosing them as our primary vendor. They have a complete line of equipment for both residential and commercial customers. And they have world-class support for both.

Our Specialties

Our company has sold Culligan, Fleck, Bruner, and Hellenbrand products. We support all of our existing customers, and service a few of our competitor’s products as well.

Most of our customers are residential, although we have installed and service some impressive commercial systems.

Our most popular systems include:

Water Softeners
Reverse Osmosis
Iron Filters
Whole House Reverse Osmosis

We are competitively priced. We offer only American-made products. We back everything with superior service.

How We Can Help

We are proud of being oldest and best water treatment company in the Billings, MT area. Our free water testing service can be done in your home or at our office. We pride ourselves on our “No Pressure Water Consulting”.

In the end, we help make water work for customers – not against them.