Montana’s Best Water Treatment Systems

water softener

Water Softeners

Most city water and well water in the Billings, MT area has hard water – extremely hard water! A good Water Softener is a must! You’ll get cleaner glassware, brighter clothes, and softer skin! Our professional-grade softeners will protect your home and appliances – while saving water and salt!

Water Softeners

Whole House Reverse Osmosis

Whole House Reverse Osmosis

Does your water leave residue that a Water Softener or Filter doesn’t remove? Your water may have high levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). A Whole House Reverse Osmosis system can remove over 99% of contaminants for the best drinking water and maximum protection for your home!

Whole House RO

Iron Filter Systems

Iron Filter Systems

Does your well water smell like rotten eggs, or leave rust stains? An Iron Filter System is the perfect tool to help with these problems. But not all Iron Filters are create equal. We are an exclusive dealer for the Hellenbrand Iron Curtain. These patented Iron Filters guarantee fresh, iron-free, odor-free water!

Iron Filters


Voted Best Bottled Water in Billings, MT!

Don’t settle for stale bottled water that has spent months in a warehouse!

Did you know you can get fresh, purified drinking water that’s made right here in Billings, MT? We make our water with a state-of-the-art water purification system right here in our own facility. It gets delivered to your home or business within days – not months!

Just how good is our water? We’re proud to say we were voted #1 in Billings in 2015 and have been voted #1 four out of the last five years via the Billings Gazette’s Readers Choice Awards. Why not order up a bottle and tell us what you think?

Bottled Water Coolers


What’s a better gift for Dad on Father’s Day than saving him work.  Purchase or rent a new water softener and have us haul the salt in and fill the softener for six months for pick-up price and no delivery fee.  New Customers Only.  Call or E-Mail for details.